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Temporary Shelter

When possible, we always prefer to work with families to keep them in their homes. However, sometimes situations do not allow for that and a tough decision might have to be made. FPAC can work with families to provide them with temporary shelter while they are searching for a new place to live.

What to Expect

Initial Contact

  • Our resources can be found all over Laramie, but the best way to get in contact with us is via phone or email.

  • Reach out to find out if you are a good fit for our services or if we can refer you to somewhere that is a better fit.

  • If you are afraid your family is going to lose your housing or are struggling to keep it, reach out and we will see what we can help with.


  • After the initial contact and a basic screening, families are directed to fill out our shelter application if temporary shelter seems like it would be a good fit.

  • The application asks specific questions about the family and the situation and there are digital and physical copies available.

  • Specific documents are required to be provided before being considered for services including (but not limited to) proof of income and identity. The case manager will help to determine what documentation is needed.

  • After the application is received back, background checks for all adults will be completed.

Follow Up

  • The final decision of shelter being offered is made once the background checks come back and they are evaluated by the case manager, sometimes with consultation from the director.

  • The family is informed of the decision and next steps are determined.

  • Next steps normally look like finding a motel to take the family and paying weekly for a room, or referrals are made to other services depending on what is deemed as appropriate for the family and situation.


  • Families that qualify for shelter have dependents under the age of 18, live in Albany County, and are currently getting evicted or must suddenly move for another reason.

  • Currently, Family Promise of Albany County is only able to offer temporary shelter to families that already reside in Albany County. We unfortunately are not able to assist with families passing through, however referrals can always be made.

  • All adults in the family that would be receiving shelter from us must pass a background check. For that reason, our shelter process is not emergent and it normally takes 1-2 weeks to receive the background checks back.

  • Each background check is evaluated by our case manager and is assessed on a case by case basis. The main things that would eliminate a person from receiving shelter are violent offenses or sexual offenses, but these can always vary. If you have a question regarding a previous offense that is on your record, do not hesitate to consult with the case manager.

First Meeting

  • Once the application is submitted along with all other documents, our case manager will reach out to the family and set up an initial consultation.

  • This meeting will be a time for the case manager to get to know the family and share more about their situation so we can determine the best way to help and if temporary shelter is the best option.


  • If accepted into our shelter program, families are asked to sign and expected to adhere to an agreement regarding their behavior while staying under Family Promise of Albany County.

  • A basic overview of this includes: being respectful of the motel staff and tenants, not participating in any illegal activity, actively working to find new housing for the family, and consistent (weekly or more) check ins with the case manager. Failure to adhere to this can result in termination from the program.

What Our Clients Say

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