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Frequently Asked Questions

At Family Promise, we spend every day talking with families who have experienced or are at risk of homelessness. We believe that sharing their stories is essential to spreading awareness about family homelessness in Albany County? Check out our recent media coverage below.

  • Is Family Promise religious?
    No. Family Promise of Albany County is not associated with any religious denominations.
  • Am I eligible to enter the program?
    To be eligible you must currently be living with and caring for a child under the age of 18 and be residing in Albany County. Services are provided based on level of need, potential for achieving sustainable living standards, capacity at the time of intake, and successfully passing a background check. If you are determined eligible for enrollment FPAC will provide you an intake packet matching the program for which you are best suited (Shelter, or Prevention [PATH]) or we may refer you to another organization better equipped to address your needs
  • Where do I bring food for the families?
    Please bring food to Family Promise (215. Sth 11th street, in the UPC building, please ring doorbell for Family Promise). We are in the office Wednesdays and Thursdays from 9am-4pm.
  • How many families do you help at a time?
    We are currently able to shelter 3 families at a time. And assist 5 families in the PATH program.
  • Can I get diapers and other hygiene supplies?
    The Diaper & Hygiene Pantry is open to the community Wednesdays and Thursdays 9am-4pm. Families can pick up 1 package of diapers per child, twice a month.
  • Where can I access your organizations 990 form?
    You can access our organizations 990 form under the "financials" tab on our website.
  • Is it safe to volunteer?
    For the Pantry: only 1 volunteer is allowed/authorized in the building at a time. The Pantry is separate from the FPAC office so volunteers have their own area/room while they are volunteering. Guests pick up pantry items using a modified curbside system to minimize contact.
  • How quickly can we help?
    If we are not at full capacity, and depending on which program you qualify for, our intake process can take between two days and two weeks. Once we receive your paperwork our team will review it and contact you if we have questions.
  • Where will we be staying?
    FPAC will provide 1 hotel room per family in our program.
  • What resources do we offer?
    A place for intact families, single parents, and families with teenagers to go without being split up. Transitional shelter Food and hygiene resources An environment to empower families working toward independent housing goals Professional support services including: case management, financial and nutritional training options, employment resources, transportation, vital document recovery Emergency homelessness prevention: rent/ utility relief, other support based on a case-by-case.
  • Can I bring food that needs to be refrigerated?
    Yes, we are able to store food in our FPAC fridge until we are able to deliver it to the families
  • I'm not homeless but can FPAC help with rent or other utilities?
    Families enrolled in our PATH program are eligible to receive emergency support on a case-by-case basis. Distribution of emergency funds are based on need and client engagement. When resources are available FPAC may provide emergency support for needs associated with sustainable living including: Rent/ utility relief Transportation costs Childcare services Vital document recovery Resources related to work or education Other resources based on individual cases
  • What food should I bring?
    We accept non-perishable, shelf-stable foods.
  • What steps and paperwork are required?
    When you call Family Promise of Albany County for services you will go through the following steps: Initial intake questions Program application and review (includes background check) Meeting with Case Manager (includes determining service needs, budgeting, and the making an action plan) Proceed with services
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